Thursday, July 19, 2007

DRL Changes "Statement of Graduation" Form

I was doing some research for my presentation today, and I happened to notice that just this month (the date of revision is on the bottom left corner of the form) the Department of Regulation & Licensing changed its "Statement of Graduation" form into a "Statement of Graduation or Completion of Pre-MSN Registered Nursing Program Requirements (Direct Entry)" form.

It's sure interesting that they decided to change the form at this particular time, since Marquette University has been marking the box for "BSN" for it's Direct Entry students on the old "Statement of Graduation" form for the last eight years. This is how Marquette filled out my own "Statement of Graduation" form that Marquette submitted to the DRL as a part of my licensure application in 2005. I did a whole post about it back in April, including pictures.

The fact that they added a "Direct Entry" box on this form does not really matter though - the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act specifically requires graduation from an approved school of nursing. "Completion of a Direct Entry program" is not sufficient for RN licensure in Wisconsin under the law.