Saturday, April 21, 2007

Statement of Graduation

In the last post the issue of what form of documentation is accepted by different states that require graduation from a school of nursing in order to become a registered nurse came up. Here is the "STATEMENT OF GRADUATION" form that was a part of my application for RN licensure in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act requires graduation from a school of nursing, and this form (the "STATEMENT OF GRADUATION" form) is considered by the State to constitute official proof of graduation. I filled out the top half according to the instructions provided by Marquette staff members and turned it in to Marquette, and Marquette then filled in the bottom half and forwarded it to the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing so that I would become eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. (The Marquette seal does not show up on photocopies.) You may notice that it is signed by Dr. Judith Miller.

I remembered filling out this form, and brought it up in my first letter to Dr. Judith Miller. She had some interesting comments about it in her response letter:

Dr. Miller explained that on the "Statement of Graduation" form for Direct Entry students the box for "BSN" is checked and a graduation date is filled in because:

"This application document does not have a space for Direct Entry applicants . . . "


"We do not want our professional nurses to check LPN, or ADN on the application form."

Does this explanation make any sense to YOU? I may be a stickler here, but to me an official document required by an agency of the State of Wisconsin that says "STATEMENT OF GRADUATION" across the top, has "BSN" marked and lists a graduation date, is signed by the associate dean of the nursing program, and has the Marquette University seal at the bottom kind of looks like it is saying that I . . . y'know . . . GRADUATED.