Monday, April 23, 2007

Who Accredits the Marquette College of Nursing?

Marquette's web site says that they are accredited by a number of organizations, including:

"NLNAC, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and The Wisconsin State Board of Nursing."

But Marquette is not listed on the NLNAC website as being accredited by them.

A simple e-mail to NLNAC revealed that "Marquette University's Baccalaureate and Masters' degree programs last day of accreditation with NLNAC is December 2006." I hope Marquette plans to update their website at some point.

UPDATE: Marquette's web site was changed some time on Monday, April 30th so that it no longer mistakenly lists that the College of Nursing is accredited by NLNAC. It only took them four months.