Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clarification of Typo

July 9, 2007

RE: Correction to Prior Correspondence

Dear Ms. Bertrand:

This is to clarify there was an inadvertent clerical error in my prior correspondence dated July 6, 2007. I unintentionally omitted the word "not" which may have led you to believe that the Board had taken action in regard to your request for reevaluation of the Marquette University Direct Entry Graduate Nursing Program.

Instead, the third full sentence in the first paragraph should correctly read as follows:

"I can confirm that the members briefly discussed the issues which you have raised, however, they did not decide on any course of action."

Also, I understand that you have requested a personal appearance before the Board and that Ms. Nania is scheduling that for the July 26th meeting. We look forward to meeting you then.


Colleen M. Baird
Legal Counsel
Wisconsin Board of Nursing