Monday, August 20, 2007

Response From Dr. Miller

I got this today in response to my August 2nd letter to Dr. Miller at Marquette University. The gist of the letter is: "go bug somebody else."
August 14, 2007

Dear Ms. Bertrand:

I received your letter of August 2, 2007 in which you request Marquette University to grant you an Associate Degree. Marquette is an institution of higher learning which issues Baccalaureate and higher degrees. Marquette University does not award associate degrees in nursing.

If you have not already appealed to the Mississippi Board of Nursing to grant you a license to practice as a professional nurse in their state, I urge you to do so. Dr. Mary Ware, Director of the Institute for Higher Learning in the state of Mississippi indicated some time ago that if you appealed to the state of Mississippi Board of Nursing, she felt certain they would grant you licensure in Mississippi.

Good luck with this.

Judith Fitzgerald Miller, Phd, RN, FAAN

cc. Ellen Rudy, Interim Dean