Friday, October 5, 2007


Today the Mississippi Board of nursing reviewed my application for licensure by endorsement (transferring my RN license from Wisconsin) and voted to approve my license!!! They already have all of my application materials on file, so the paperwork should go through next week.

At the August 30th Wisconsin Board of Nursing meeting (which I was not able to attend in person) some people from the Wisconsin Board spoke with my parents (who were there) and told them that the Wisconsin Board and Marquette had both been in contact with the Mississippi Board of Nursing (MSBN) and had been advocating for Mississippi to review my application and grant me a license by endorsement. Until that time I had no idea that the Wisconsin Board of Nursing or Marquette had been in contact with the MSBN. Dr. Judith Miller from Marquette's College of Nursing had already written the MSBN at the time that I first applied for a nursing license here (almost two years ago) and her letter had not made any difference. Besides, the MSBN Rules and Regulations clearly require proof of graduation from a school of nursing, which I could not provide, so I did not see any benefit to appealing the MSBN's original decision on my application since I don't have proof of graduation.

Basically I made such a problem for both Marquette and the Wisconsin Board of Nursing that they will both do almost anything to make me just go away. This is not how I wanted the problem to be resolved, but at this point I'm counting it as a victory and planning to begin moving on with my life as a nurse some time soon!

I'll be leaving the blog up in perpetuity in hopes that it will be helpful to future generations of googlers.