Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I Want From The Wisconsin Board of Nursing

This one is pretty simple: I want the Wisconsin Board of Nursing to immediately stop providing RN licenses to individuals who do not meet the legal criteria for licensure set forth in the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act. Since students in Marquette University's Direct Entry program do not graduate at the end of the first 15 months (the pre-MSN portion of the program), they are not legally eligible for RN licensure at that time.

Neither the Board, nor anyone else, has the authority to override the law in this matter. The Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act 441.04 and the Wisconsin Administrative Code N 2.03 (1)(c) both require individuals to graduate from a nursing program before sitting for NCLEX, the licensure exam.

The Wisconsin Board of Nursing must immediately stop issuing RN licenses to Marquette University's Direct Entry students at the end of the pre-MSN portion of the program before they have graduated from an approved school of nursing.